Silly Season

It’s the DOG BLOG!

I think I’m the only one in my family who didn’t put on weight over the Christmas and New Year season…in fact I’m pretty sure I LOST!

They don’t call it Silly Season for no reason, you know! I have never ever had soooo much fun in my entire life!

First of all, I spent lots of time with my cousin. He’s a white little woolie scruffie dog called, Scruffie. We love to play! I can hardly breathe after we’ve played so much!

THEN, we were both at Christmas day celebrations with AAALLLL the family (even the Australian visitors! Scruffie and I were yapping, and we think they have pet Kangaroos there though, not dogs!) There was all this yummy smelling food, but I think I maybe got one little piece of chicken (hence my reason for losing weight)

THEN, I had my first swimming lesson.

I was a pro. A Ryk Neehling. An otter. A dolphin.

My legs started running in mid air and as I hit the water, I felt light as a feather, like an Otter! But I only liked it for a few seconds, coz then I got scared. Thank goodness mom was there to save me.

THEN, we played with a ball all afternoon and I sometimes stole it for fun.

My food never tasted so good that night. It was yummy, scrumptious and satisfying. I crawled into my new bed, and didn’t wake up until 10 oclock the next morning feeling stiff, but happy.

Sigh! I wish Christmas was every week.

This is me, contemplating the pool…

This is me, in the pool! I got some encouragement from mom…

Then I didn’t like it! Can’t.Breathe.

Then I loved it!

Then I didn’t like it!

And loved it!

I was such a proud Dog!!:) Thank you, thank you very much!

4 Responses to “Silly Season”

  1. Annalene

    Yay the dog blog! I love the last photo she really does look chuffed With herself :) Fun times!

  2. Marlene

    Loved it again, even more this time as we were there to see Cassie experience her first swim. So very very cute. I loved watching her and Scruffie enjoying all the Christmas festivities. Lots of love from the Aussie visitors xx

  3. Pets

    I have 2 of these myself. I love them to bits. Not really the swimming type, but they are very cool.


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