Family Reunion

Families are all dotted around the world these days. We are brought closer by things such as Facebook, Twitter, email and skype. Thank goodness for these things!

This is my family.

Marlene, Kevin, Ricky and Kelly were here from Australia visiting my aunt & uncle (their mom and dad) and her brother and his family. (PHEW,that was long)

They travelled to the Kruger National Park, had a massive Christmas together, New Year and of course spent quality time with each other just chilling out on the couch. We wanted to give them the gift of memories, so had a photo shoot with the whole family.

For me, it was great to “meet” them, as they are actually my husbands side of the family, but I really feel as though they are my family too.

I can’t wait to travel to Australia one day to see where they live. :)

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  1. Jean

    Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!! Luv every single one of them! Thank you Lana and Dirk – magic, magic moments. xxxxxxxxxx


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