Vanessa & Gavin’s Earthy Wedding at the Cradle, Johannesburg

Vanessa and Gavin’s wedding was held at the Cradle. Wide open spaces, rolling fields, wildlife, and a fantastic view of Joburg one side and hills on the other.

Black clouds loomed over Joburg and we all prayed the rain would stay at bay as the wedding was outdoors underneath some beautiful trees. It got darker and darker, and it got cooler and breezier (which was rather welcoming), but the rain stayed away until the ceremony finished. Something awesome happened during the ceremony though!! As the couple had their first kiss, there was a crack of thunder! God was just showing his approval. :)

The day was so lovely and the couple so sweet and full of bubbly energy, and once the rain stopped, the most beautiful light opened up as the clouds cleared and the sun sparkled through letting us take gorgeous photos. :)

Thank you to my second shooter, Gena D, who was just fabulous! I was also lucky enough to have an assistant who helped me with reflector work and holding bags, umbrellas and lots of other stuff, Kelly Jury.




Venue: The Cradle Restaurant

Second Shooter: Gena D

Assistant: Kelly Jury

Hair: Valesca 0848701551

17 Responses to “Vanessa & Gavin’s Earthy Wedding at the Cradle, Johannesburg”

  1. Lesley Masterson

    The ways you have captured some of the key moments of our day brought tears to my eyes Alana – thank you! What a gift you and your team have.

  2. Gena D

    Alana – these are astoundingly beautiful – great work girl!!! and it’s was fantastic working with you – thanks for the opportunity!!!
    G xx

  3. Pam Calder

    Isn’t she lovely indeed….. warm and special memories of a ‘heaven’ sent day!

  4. Vanessa

    Alana! They are beautiful! Thank you so so much!! Can’t wait to see the rest! Vanessa

  5. Adam Mukendi

    Congrat! The beautiful couple. These are amazing photoz. Earthly, Simply Awesome! May the Lord grant you grace and bless marriage. Much love. Ad

  6. Sally Shand

    What a wonderful display of photos – so good to be able to view them from the UK and feel the atmosphere. Vanessa’s dress was beautiful, and the bridesmaids’ dresses were an unusual colour – very nice. Enjoyed seeing Les’s dress, Pip splitting his sides with laughter and Auntie Audrey H truly enjoying the moment. And so much more. Thank you so much. Sally (UK)

  7. Denise Jarvis

    Great photos! Happy couple! Beautiful bridesmaids! Great to share the day through the photos. You were SO lucky with(out) the rain!

  8. Deanne

    Stunning pics! How blessed you will be when you and old(er) and grey (like some of us) and you look back at this awesome day. Well done to all!


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