Family photography with the Fitz-Gibbons

To me, there isn’t anything more rewarding than seeing a family “grow” into a photo shoot.

I think for most people who are due to have a professional photo shoot, there is a little apprehension, uncertainty and nervousness. I like to let my clients get used to me and my camera, so I try to make it light hearted and fun as oppose to “Sit there, look at the camera and say Cheese.” That screams early nineties. I remember those shoots as a kid. If I wasn’t looking at the camera, the photographer got flustered and annoyed, we were recomposed and another “perfect” shot was taken.

I love to let the photo shoot develop into what the people are all about, how they interact with each other and their environment, and then how they interact with me, the photographer. To catch the true essence of a character, you’ve got to let them be them, and you’ve got to bring it out naturally, so it’s not forced or contrived.

I think I got lucky with this family, because they developed into a beautiful butterfly. It was truly awesome to interact and watch them with each other, so close & full of love. But I think what struck me most was their utter respect they held for each other. It really was a great moment to capture for them.

Thank you for letting me into your home & allowing me to capsulate this moment in time for you :)

I just love the chaos when the dogs came out. They were SO happy to be with them and were running around wild. :)


6 Responses to “Family photography with the Fitz-Gibbons”

  1. Kate Laing

    There is just so much in this shoot, Lan, the complexity of the family is really captured. Rather than a cookie cutter shoot like I’ve seen other photographers do, this has more detail and more character.

  2. Lara Fitz-Gibbon

    So stunning! Thank you for capturing my family in such a special way, Alana

  3. Terri

    Lan, these are fantastic! La, you must be so happy with these. Great pics of the whole family!


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