Wedding Tips: Help a bride out

Choose your shoes wisely

Yip, I’m gonna say it, even though I love ’em, and they are sooo darn pretty… don’t wear heels to your wedding unless you are a pro-heel-wearer. As you know, heels take some skill, especially to walk with some elegant swagger down the aisle.

I can already picture it –

You see the perfect set of heels, sparkling through the clean, glass shop window. They say “Pick me, I’m the one!! I’m the one you’ve been looking for!” (yeah, that’s right, shoes talk to us girls!) They have a heel that could kill someone, but look so hot and yet so pretty and dainty, you HAVE to have them. Nevermind you walk like you have a carrot up your bum (*gasp*) – THESE are the perfect ones. (I’ve been there gals, so I can sympathize)

You buy ’em!

They sparkle and gleam back at you every time you open the cupboard while they wait for the first time you wear them on your wedding day. You smile inside because they’re so pretty!

Your wedding day – Everyone gasps as you take them out of their beautiful casing… (that’s kinda why you bought them)

You slip them on, they feel amazing, you look amazing… but oh my, they’re high, and you remember you never got around to practising to walk in high heels.

As you totter down the aisle, bum out, bouquet in one hand, holding tightly onto dad, you concentrate on not tipping over, instead of that moment between you and your future husband.

I really do believe that some people can walk like catwalk queens in heels, so you should totally rock those heels, but for those who wear flats, pumps or slops most days, there are beautiful alternatives to choose from, still be walker friendly and still make you smile inside each time you open your cupboard. :)

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