Competition Question One

Question Number 1:

In order to enter the “Win a wedding” competition – I will be blogging 9 questions (3 per week for the duration of the competition) relating to my blog posts from the last 6 months which you will need to answer all 9 correctly. I will give out small clues such as what categories you can look in and where you’ll find the answers within my blog. (For more details go to:

In remembrance of last years competition, Rosy and Henry will make an appearance for the first question.

Just so you know who ‘Rosy and Henry’ are, this is them:

They will hide inside a picture (much like the “Where’s Wally” character) and you can tell me where they’re hiding.

Clue to find Rosy and Henry:

“Henry: “We took a little trip to a town in Northern Gauteng. It’s famous for the largest rough gem-quality diamond ever found!”

Rosy: “Oh Henry, I knew you would take me there so that you could buy it for me!”

Where about are they hiding in my blog?

If you want to enter, go to the competition page by clicking here and read the rules to enter!

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  1. Louise

    Ahh shucks – this one I can’t enter bust have been sharing with the younger one that I know are planning to get married this year —-n so you never know maybe! This however will NOT stop me from looking for my fav little friends Henry & Rosy. Am going to enjoy the search! Thanks Alana <3


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