A Spring family shoot

I had the pleasure of photographing this gorgeous family as my first shoot of the season (and first one being back on South African soil) They are both natural and beautiful people with the most adorable son, Zach. He had me figured and knew where the camera was and every time I followed him, he would turn his back, though when I did catch him, boy did he give me some cute smiles! :) He has the most inquisitve expressions, and one of my favourites has got to be when he found a stick and he was sucking on it like a straw and he looked just too cute!

Does he not just look so cute!? :)

Happy to have his stick :)

Looking at Daddy with lots of admiration :)

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  1. mandy kerridge

    Absolutely beautiful. Thank u for showing. this is my brother and my first nephew, who I havnt met yet.Yes he is adorable, I wish I could give him a big long cuddle. I have 3 kids n have also done photo shoots. You have done a fabulous creation that they can keep forever…


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