Travels: Las Vegas

Las Vegas – the place where what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Hmm…I guess this was true for us – our money stayed in Vegas! And not even in the cool partying clubs, or the gambling slot machine…but as in, the FOOD was so expensive it took our money & spoilt our appetite and any mood of partying! ;) It did give us mountains of entertainment when talking about our experience in the world’s most expensive restaurant EVER! :)

To give you an idea of the evening…we all had tap water, we all scanned the cheapest thing on the menu (US$30 – a hamburger) (Cheapest steak – US$100!!!!), Some of us considered nibbling on the napkins for mains, but were too hungry, so we all chowed down the complimentary bread rolls on the table (that they kept on replenishing – I think they spotted us hungry cheap skates) When the burgers arrived, we all choked it down….literally. It was not only the home of the most expensive steaks in the world, but also home to the worst hamburgers in the world. (side note – I’m not a fussy eater, and it was awful)

After mentioning this to the snooty waiter, his reply?

“Ya’ll shoulda ordered the steak then!”

Vegas is quite an odd place. Totally artificial, with lights, statues, mimic buildings, fake boobs and short skirts everywhere.

Gambling is an everyday activity there. I think they take the kids to gamble on the weekends. ;) Even the gas stops had slot machines which I found funny! :)

” “Jus’ filling up with gas, honey!”…OOH,slot machine….”

I’m so glad I got to see this place. What an experience to walk the streets at 11 oclock at night, pushing past thousands of other people partying and looking at the lights, watching someone getting arrested (yip, we witnessed that – I thought I was on an episode of CSI-Las Vegas) going to the top of the Eiffel Tower (yeah that’s right – I was not in Paris but I went up the Eiffel Tower!) and all this in 40 degree heat.

One night in Vegas, and off we went to the Grand Canyon….


If anyone watches Pawn Stars on the History Channel – we visited their shop. :)

We went to see Hoover Dam. It was hot like I’ve never felt before! I can liken it to being 40 degrees outside, and being in a hot steamy bathroom and then having a hot hairdryer blowing on you.

The beautiful family we travelled with. :)

Next stop : Grand Canyon

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  1. Karen

    Lana, this is perfect!! What a crazy destination, experience, trip!! So glad it got better after!! The lights are amazing!! Miss you…


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