Travels: Grand Canyon

We joked that it was just a big hole in the earth – what’s the big deal. What you see in the post cards is what you get.

Then…we saw it.

The Grand Canyon from the North Rim. I could have sat there for hours, just looking. Looking at the markings of each rock and the shape it created from so far away. Looking at the colours. They changed so slightly from one area to the next. Then looking at the balancing rocks which you can’t even imagine how they got there. Looking at the vegetation. Looking at the light as it fell on this Grand Canyon. Looking. Looking. Looking!

It seemed untouched. There were not queues of people waiting to look out. It was so quiet that you could hear yourself breathing.  And a huge contrast from what we had just experienced in Las Vegas only a day before.

As we went on one of our hikes through the woods to see another view of the Canyon, I remember the crackling noise of our shoes on the ground, breaking the leaves and twigs as we passed through this quiet untouched land. Only the giggles of laughter or quiet chatter from our group broke the silence. Of course the sound of my shutter button went off often too. I often held back to get a shot of something, and there was this incredible peace as  everyone moved along and the sound of chatter died down, no crunching of leaves, no footsteps, just the sound of the wind through the trees and the light glistening off the  grass. Beautiful.

Before I end off, I would like to pose a question to other South African photographers who have been to America. Did you find the light different to Africa? I did. I loved it. It seemed softer and a little magical.

Great shot by Dirk.

Jumping photos became a firm favourite on the trip. :)

Could this get any cosier?!

One of our hikes…


Seriously, this is how good they look during a hike!




We loved our jumping! :)

This area is designated as a wedding area. I think I just died when I saw that sign! IMAGINE a wedding here!!!!

To the Petersons – we miss you and can’t wait to see you again ! :)

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  1. Karen

    Ohhhhhh Lana!! I have tears!! You just captured so much!! So many wonderful places, moments, memories!! I am without words to express how beautiful this is!! I love pondering the wonderful time and trip with you and Dirkie, and these amazing photos you took are such a special gift!! Love You…


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