How much is that doggy in the window

So while browsing through some holiday photos from our trip to the States, I came across a photo which made Dirk and I smile when we walked past.

It was a window in San Francisco, and we noticed it on our self proclaimed “tour by foot” around this beautiful city. We had decided to take the tram and then walk to see the “Crookedest Street in the World”. On our walk there, it seemed like the longest walk ever. We just could not work out where the crooked street was & we kind of got pretty lost. We walked up and down, and back up we climbed. People who have been to San Francisco will understand what I mean by “climbed”! Those streets are NOT for sissies! Each block got steeper and steeper as we climbed this hill.  The best thing about our “tour by foot” is that we got to see the life of normal people living in San Francisco. We got to peek inside their lives as they left for work, or grabbed a coffee at a cute little coffee shops, we walked past some cops having some donuts, and witnessed some people doing yoga next to a fountain and got to admire the beautiful architecture. All so fascinating to take in the lives of people who live in a far away world from you, and yet, at the core, we’re all the same.

I had to take a photo of this little dog in the window. Her face was just so full of character, and at that moment when we were exhausted from climbing and feeling a little lost in a big city, we looked up to this comical character and it was as  if she looked at us like she looked at all other passers-by with some wisdom and as though she had experienced the world from behind her window.

So now that I am finally getting round to looking closely at my photos, I noticed a little poster in the window, and she has her own Facebook page – Roxie’s Window. Yup, I was right, she has experienced a lot from behind her window and has seen people from all over the world who have taken her picture, including me, all the way from South Africa! :) I hope, if I am back in San Francisco sometime, I can remember the street she lived on so I could go and say hi again! :)

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