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Advice on Advice givers ;)

So, it’s your wedding. A date has been set. You are so looking forward to the bits and pieces that go with a wedding. All you really want and can’t wait for is to marry your fiance.

Then the advice starts. It comes at you from every direction – your mom, your mom-in-law-to-be, your sister, your friend who just got married, your divorced aunty, your dad, your granny….yip, the list goes on…

They all mean well & want the best for your wedding (…most of them ;)) and give advice so willingly that this fun and exciting time becomes rather stressful and feels like you’re being pulled in a million different directions. The truth is, people like to give advice on how they see the world, but everyone has a different take on things and you must listen but you don’t necessarily have to use the advice. You’ll hear some really great advice, and you’ll also hear some advice you would never use.

It is your day, so it really only matters what you and your fiance want. Don’t let the stress of feeling pressured to do something, cloud your vision or the joy of getting married.

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