Lace, bunting and blush, Johannesburg Wedding Photography

I always love to work with Gena D Photography, so when she asked me to second shoot, I jumped at the opportunity.

To say that I am obsessed with lace, bunting and the colour blush is a bit of an understatement. It has a vintage, classic feel to it and it is so beautifully feminine. So when I saw this decor, I did a little dance in my head. O.M.Jizzle – there’s also pearls and tea cups – ok, pinch me! ;)

Not only were we lucky with the decor, but the bride, Sarah, was just soo unbelievably gorgeous! Gena and I were in photographic heaven during their couple shoot, *jumping from one white fluffy cloud to the next white fluffy cloud* There wasn’t a look or pose that Sarah didn’t just rock! Andrew also looked the part in his tailcoat suit and he was so in awe of his beautiful bride, that he couldn’t keep his eyes off her.

Thank you for asking me to shoot with you Gena. :)


How cute are these little girls. I can just imagine them dreaming and imagining their wedding day when they grow up.


Main Photographer: Gena D Photography

Venue: Hertford Country Hotel

5 Responses to “Lace, bunting and blush, Johannesburg Wedding Photography”

  1. Kristy Gray

    Those little girls are so cute! I can just imagine Kayla… The brides’ dress is absolutely gorgeous (and very unique!). I love the colours and the simplicity of the decorations. Great photo’s, as always!!!!

  2. Gena D

    Such gorgeous work girl – think you took some of the prettiest pics of Sarah!!! Thank you for your help on the day – always great working with you too!!! G xx

  3. Joni van Olst

    So beautiful thanks Alana. Between you and Gena you captured the day and the love so beautifully. Thanks for the compliment re the dress Kirsty – I made it for Sarah with all my love.

  4. Sarah Wilkins

    Thank you again so much to you Alana & Gena for the most amazing wedding pictures. You captured our day & every moment and you were both such a pleasure to be around. Thank you again so much,


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