Wedding Photography, The Cradle, Johannesburg

In May it shouldn’t rain. But it was forecast to rain. So, I did what I always do before a wedding, I got down on my knees & prayed for clear skies. As always, God answered & it turned out to be unbelievable weather.

It was such an amazing day and it was made extra special that I got to see my previous bride from 2 years ago who was now a bridesmaid for her best friend.

Miranda and Huxley make such a gorgeous couple and loved to see how Huxley was in such awe of Miranda. He kept saying “You look so beautiful! You just look soo beautiful!” This made Miranda beam from inside and out. To all future grooms, boyfriends, husbands out there, this is all that makes us girls happy – to be told how beautiful we are to you. :)

The Cradle set such a beautiful backdrop and I loved the earthy colours to match the setting.

Congratulations to the happy couple! :)

7 Responses to “Wedding Photography, The Cradle, Johannesburg”

  1. Tracy Kelly

    What amazing photographs, you made a beautiful bride. May you and your husband be very happy – Special love always

    Tracy xx

  2. Chloë

    Dammit – I wept all over again. Know what set me off? That little snap of the old couple still holding hands after 46 years! May you both be blessed with as many years, and more. You make a beautiful couple.
    Love you both.

  3. Stacy

    Ah Miranda, what a lovely setting, and the day turned out beautifully! Wishing you all the happiness in the world xxx

  4. Robyn

    What a beautiful wedding everything looked so amazing. You looked stunning Miranda. Lovely Couple may you have many wonderful years together filled with lots of love and happiness !!!

  5. Audry Lotter

    Oh my gorgeous daughter, how stunning you looked. Hux your smile says it all. Every happiness to you both with all my love. Mom x


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