Newborn baby photo session

Newborn baby photo session.

Sweet and innocent little baby girl born a few weeks early but a strong little fighter. She went into NICU to be monitored as soon as she was born and mom and dad stayed strong as they could only see their new little bundle the next day. I always admire parents who go through this when their babies are born as all you want to do is hold your new baby.

They were so positive and grateful that she is healthy now and she is just the most content little child which shows how adored she is. :)

While I was swaddling her, I couldn’t believe how tiny she was, and it took me back to when my daughter was a newborn, so tiny and helpless.

Babies really are a miracle!

newborn Newborn baby photo session Newborn baby photo session Newborn baby photo session Newborn baby photo session

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  1. Carol Thomson

    These photos are of my daughter, son-in-law and my littlest granddaughter. They are exquisite – utterly beautiful – and bring tears to my eyes. The struggle these two children of ours went through to be parents was incredibly difficult to watch and then tiny, feisty Sophia arrived. As I write, she is almost 3 months old and just topped 4 kgs. Thank you for stunning memories. Carol


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