Bergvallei Estate Wedding {Part II}

Romance is a funny thing. It comes in all sorts of shapes and packages and acts.

There wasn’t one specific thing that made our shoot romantic, except the fact that no matter what the weather; wind, rain or lightning, Maritza and Mario were so content to just be together and kiss each other and all the rest was forgotten. Maritza has such a classic beauty and elegance about her and Mario is cool & calm and don’t you think he could model for GQ ?! The two of them together made the shoot romantic, awesome and totally fabulous!

After our awesome shoot – one heck of a party was had with people on the dance floor rocking to the music!

Thank you, Maritza and Mario, for letting me share your incredible day with you! Much love and enjoy Part 2! :)




Hello beautiful people!!

Venue: Bergvallei Estate



5 Responses to “Bergvallei Estate Wedding {Part II}”

  1. Maritza

    Oh so magical! This proves why we wanted you to capture the memories…. Decades from now, our children’s children will be able to experience the awesomeness of our day, thanks to you! Again, tx!!! *hug*

  2. Annelie

    Alana, all I can say is gorgeous and thank you!!! Sus jy het asemroowend gelyk, ‘n straalende bruid van vreugde!!! Jul albei het baie mooi gelyk!!

  3. Cherise

    Aaaah Pops, you look beautiful and radiant and everything that a bride should be.

    Alana, yet again, you’ve done an awesome job. I’m sure we’ll cross paths again at some stage.

  4. Christi

    STUNNING!!!!! Most beautiful pictures I have ever seen. Indeed magical moments captured. Thank you Alana for making my best friends day so special.


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