52 Project

Dirk had an idea for a project for us to do together next year. It involves photography and thinking out the box and a bit of creativity. It gets the mind thinking about different things, and not just let life pass us by.

It is called the 52 Project.

We have to take a photo a week in 2012 using the themes we have set out for ourselves. Just some of the themes for the weeks are: Energy, Temptation, Colours, Oldness, Underwater, Beyond Reach, Summer, On the shelf.

We are still looking for a few more themes to complete our list, so if you have any suggestions, we would love to hear from you either by commenting below or emailing me! If you are a photographer and you’re looking for inspiration to shoot more and to have a reason to shoot different things, why not join us on our journey in 2012 and we can share the experience together.

As soon as we have our set list, I will publish them and if you want to join in, feel free and let me know, so we can share our photos. :)

Happy snappin’!



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  1. Gen Frank

    what a great idea! will have a think for themes and may even just join you!
    have a merry christmas and all the best for 2012! may it be as good, if not better than 2011.


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