The Ceremony

Your ceremony is the exciting and daunting part of your day. Different people react differently – but for many they can feel a little stressed.
Whether it’s the thought of saying the wrong words, or being the centre of attention, it can put you a little on edge. My suggestion to you is to try and focus on being in the moment – don’t think too much about what may happen, rather enjoy what is happening in the now, and take it all in!

Enjoy your morning spent with your best friends. For the men – have a casual beer or whiskey with the boys and relax. For the ladies, enjoy being pampered with hair and makeup, bridesmaids doting on you, having some champers and looking your absolute best! Rescue drops are GREAT if your nerves start playing up!

Delegate delegate delegate! If you don’t have a wedding coordinator – make sure you get the right helping hands for the morning of the wedding to set up – you must NOT be doing that!

Once you arrive at the Ceremony, looking and feeling gorgeous, walk down the aisle slowly. Too often I have seen brides “run” down the aisle and it’s all over like that. Take your time, savour the moment as you hang onto the person giving you away. Look at your groom – it’s a reaction you don’t want to forget.
For the groom, look at your bride as she enters, and don’t be afraid to shed a tear – it’s a natural and beautiful thing! :)

Please check with your Priest/Pastor/ Marriage Officer about photography and videography during the ceremony and that I will be allowed to photograph the ceremony.
I once arrived to photograph a wedding & the Priest told me to sit down! “How can I photograph moments when I am sitting down? ” I thought!
I absolutely respect the sanctity of a wedding and the message behind marriage; however, I will need the freedom to unobtrusively photograph the moments.

The exchanging of rings – As this is an intimate part of the ceremony, I ask that you do this slowly & when placing the ring on his/her finger, put it on from beneath his/her hand in order for me to capture the ring as I will be shooting from above.

Your first kiss! – This is your “first kiss” moment!! Make it count! Practice it all you want! :) If it’s just a quick peck, I may miss it, so enjoy your moment! :)

When exiting your ceremony, I know we all love to greet our guests one by one straight away, but if there is very little time as the “meet & greet” can extend up to 40minutes (depending on the size of your wedding). Time that you won’t have to spare to fit in your photos. I usually suggest you ask your Marriage officiate to announce you will be going to do photos straight away & you can greet your guests properly afterwards.

If anything out of the ordinary is happening during your ceremony, please let me know, so I am aware & can expect it.