You have an exciting journey up ahead of you of planning your wedding day.

There will be ups and downs, fights and make-ups, budget talks and over spending, but all of these are positives as it gears you up for marriage.

This is an important fact to remember, there is a marriage after a wedding. “I know,” you’re probably thinking, “Duh! That’s why we’re having a wedding!” but it’s easy to forget about why you’re getting married and life after the wedding day as you get deeper and deeper into your wedding plans.

Have fun with the planning together, you only do it once, so you want to enjoy the lead up, as it is a day which will unite the two of you and your families.

Make the planning process part of your wedding and marriage journey. You will not always agree with each other, but that’s ok, work through these times, and your marriage will be stronger and better for it.
Family and friends will want to get involved to help and give advice. Use that help, take their advice, but also know when you want to make the final say – remember – it’s your wedding day and it is about the joining of the two of you, so you must do what makes you happy and comfortable.

I’m in love with people in love, and your day will be filled with love, joy, fun, laughter, and I can’t wait to capture your love story and the people who have joined you to celebrate.

I always tell people that a wedding day lasts for one day, but the memory of it should last forever. The memory of such a special day should be treasured, which is why I take my job so seriously and promise to go above and beyond to capture your memories.