Couple Shoot

A common question regarding the couple shoot, is when to have it. This is a very relevant question.

The 2-hour rule is a good place to start. First I determine what time sunset is going to be on your wedding day and then work back two hours. That’s the ideal time to start your photos. Family photos usually take 20-30 minutes, bridal party photos will be 20 -30 minutes, so that leaves us with an hour and a bit to do your couple photos. It’s important to keep this in mind, that as soon as something runs late, it cuts more and more into your intimate couple shoot time.

If you have a Bridal party, we will usually do these at the start of the session. This way they are free to back to the reception and start enjoying the evening with the rest of the guests.

“Golden hour” is a photography term used to describe the soft golden light that happens in the last hour or so before sunset. It is the prettiest light to take your photos. You will see me do flick flacks when I see this light :)

Logistics around your shoot.
It’s always beneficial for the bride and groom to have someone drive them around to different locations (if we are having photos at different locations) As this is something that can be planned ahead, make sure it’s a car that is easy for the bride to get in and out of depending of the dress.
I’m happy to make use of my car, but it’s usually stuffed with equipment and reflectors so can get a bit cramped – plus its not as romantic as being transported around chauffeur style :)
Bridesmaids are really handy! They can carry a small bag to keep the essentials such as lip-gloss, powder, tissues, hairpins and do some touch ups before you start your couple shoot.
You could also bring along a pair of comfortable pumps or a pair of Wellington boots so that you don’t have to traipse through long grass or muddy terrain in heels!:)

Your couple shoot is such an awesome time for the two of you to have a bit of a breather away everything and everyone, enjoy the time with each other, and just go: “WE’RE MARRIED!!”
Having the two of you alone for your couple shoot will create a much more intimate and relaxed atmosphere.

Don’t worry about how you’re going to stand, look or where to put your hand – I will be guiding you through the process. Some couples are more comfortable in front of the camera and I let it just flow and the magic moments happen, and some others feel a little awkward at first, so I will help you along the way; I promise you’ll be laughing and giggling by the end of it. (even if it’s at me, getting so excited about the photos or lying down on the ground to “just get that shot!”)

The main bit of advice I can give you is to relax, have fun and love each other. :)