Choosing a dress is key to how you will look and feel on your day.
My bit of advice would be:

Don’t get your heart set on something you cannot afford.
TRY ON! TRY ON! TRY ON! – When going to try on dresses, take the key people in your life – don’t bring everyone, as everyone will have an opinion, and it will confuse you even more!
Get a dress to suit your body shape and not because it is trending.
If you find the perfect dress to hire, then do it! It cuts down on the cost, Research! Pinterest is a great place to start searching for dress ideas. Sometimes you cannot find something off the rack, so find a dressmaker – and take lots of references so they can help you with a great style for your body shape.

To veil or not to veil – again, try it on, as you won’t know until you see for yourself.

Lastly, you know how they say you will know “this is the one” – you will know it when you see it, so enjoy finding it!