Lighting is one of the key factors I think about in every scenario of your wedding day, as it can decide where every photo I take of you will be.

When a client asks me how to ensure beautiful photos, good light is at the top of the list.

If the quality of light is not good, and I can not move you, for example, your getting ready room is very dark, the ceremony area or Chapel is too dark, the reception room is too dark to capture your decor, then the outcome of the photos will change. I obviously always carry a flash on me and it is ready to use, however, the type of photo produced will be different to natural light streaming through the window, tent or doors plus the use of natural light allows me to capture unobtrusively.

Start thinking about the room you’re getting ready in. Is there enough light coming through the windows? Is it going to be big enough if you have lots of bridesmaids. Make sure you book a guest room with plenty of natural light. White walls in a room is always ideal! :)

The ceremony – This is obviously an important part of your day which needs to be captured, and unfortunately, I would have to use a flash if it is dark or low light.
If you are getting married outside during the day, make sure you stand underneath a white canopy or gazebo (e.g. white linen) especially if you are in the sun. The first reason I say this is so that you don’t get burnt while standing there, and the other reason is so that it reduces the shadows on your faces.

Your couple shoot should ideally be scheduled for late afternoon when the sunlight is soft on your skin. Make sure there is enough time scheduled for the shoot otherwise the sun will set, and we will run out of natural light.

The Reception area can be made to look so magical and romantic with the use of fairy lights, candles, soft lighting, or lanterns, and my suggestion is to utilise rather more soft lighting than less.
For example, some people think that just putting candles on the tables is enough, but in order to create better ambient light for the photos, you should ideally have candles on tables, and some other form of other soft light as well.

The more light, the better for photos. :) Let me know if you want to discuss any ideas & I’d love to help you.